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About Chance

Chance, a two year old, was rescued in Clermont County, Ohio in March, 2016.  Chance, his monther Destiny and another horse Bugs were serverly neglected and starved.  Chance was not able to overcome the effects of his abuse inspite of 24x7 care by the Kinders, specialized nutrition, veterinarian care and the efforts of many volunteers.  He fought very hard to survive. You can see his determination to live in the video of his walking and the constant love and care he was provide by the Kinders.

Read about how did Chance, Destiny and Bugs came to be in such terrible condition and the resulting court case for their abusers.

Chance at the time of his rescue.
Watch this video of Chance walking laps on March 24, two weeks after his rescue.  Despite his obvious progress he succummbed to the effects of neglect shortly after this.

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